Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 Points of Advice for our Muslim Sisters - by Fareed Abdullah

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh! I hope this finds you close to Allah & in the best of health and Iman.

I listened to a sisters only class that Fareed Abdullah gave.  I took notes which are listed below.  If you would like to listen to the MP3 Audio online, CLICK HERE.

1.  Tawheed & Ibadah (Worship)

* To worship Allah alone
* 3 conditions for acceptance of Good Deeds
     1. To be Muslim
     2. To have Sincerity (Ikhlas), only done for Allah
     3. Done according to Quran & Sunnah
* Know 99 names of Allah, understand them & believe them

2.  That women are honored in Islam & are given rights

* That the woman should be treated kindly & with respect, not oppressed
* Keep yourself properly covered with clean & untorn clothes when going outside, it's a protection
* Watch how you act in public, the Kufr are watching you
* Women are precious in Islam, like pears from the sea

3.  To learn this deen & spend your time wisely

* Learn proper hijab
* Learn how to dress in front of different people (i.e. friends, neighbors, family, etc)
* Do things to please Allah first & your husband will love you even more
* Single sisters & married sisters without children should use time wisely, study as much as you can before the children come into the picture
* Learn your deen

4.  Guarding of the tongue

* No Gossip
* No Backbiting
* Participating in Gossip & Backbiting are like eating the flesh of your dead brother
* If a sister comes to you to Gossip or Backbite and you don't stop her, it's as if the sister is giving you a plate of this dead flesh.  You should instead run/walk away or firmly tell the sister to stop.
* Be selective who you hang with or take as friends.  Choose only pious & righteous sisters who will help get you to Jannah.
* Set a good example for your daughters, they are watching you and will follow your ways.

5.  To assume responsibilities as a Muslimah, Wife, Mother, etc.

* Follow Allah's commands
* Be a righteous wife - be chaste, modest & lower your gaze in public, obey your husband
* Don't assume what your husband is doing when he's not around
* When a husband & wife are having problems, remember that he is also your brother in Islam and the father of your children.  Many sisters are nasty to their husbands & forget he has rights.
* Don't reveal the secrets of your husband &/or home
* Help each other to overcome your shortcomings & struggles
* Remember that every couple fights, argue in a productive way, not a way that will destroy your marriage
* Help each other to become better Muslims
* Don't be clickish

6.  The woman & her role in the household

* Be kind & pleasant at home
* Have patience, tolerance & forebearance through trials & tests, don't complain
* Encourage your husband to do Good Deeds
* Be humble & help those in need

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