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40 Hadiths for Husbands & Wives

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh! Insha Allah this finds you close to Allah & in the best of health and Iman.

On the occasion of Hajjatul-Wida (The Farewell Hajj) Rasulullah among other advices said with regard to women; "0 People! fear Allah with regard to your wives. You have taken them into your possession with the permission of Allah."
*This hadith clearly admonishes man not to abuse his authority over woman and to fear his Creator in regard to his dealings with them as Allah has placed them in his trust, by making them lawful for him through the sacred bond of nikah. If the husband maltreats them, in reality he is misappropriating the trust that Allah has entrusted to him,
What an honourable position Islam has secured for women that Allah himself takes their affairs as His responsibility!

Rasulullah [Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: "I enjoin upon you the importance of good conduct to your womenfolk"
*Good conduct and behavior is necessary towards; everyone but Rasulullah has; singled out womenfolk with the emphatical term of "wasiyat" which everyone grants great importance and significance, this is sufficient to explain the importance of kindness to women.

HADITH 3 & 4
Rasulullah [Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: "Amongst the most perfect of mumins in Imaan is he who is best Character and amongst the best of them is he who kindest towards his wife."

Rasulullah said: "He is the best amongst you who is the kindest towards his wives and I am the kindest amongst you towards my wives."
*Thus Rasulullah not only issued a theoretical directive towards achieving superiority amongst the mumins but he also achieved this distinction amongst the rest of his followers by practically displaying the ultimate degree of kindness and affection towards his family

Rasulullah said: "The woman who dies in the state of her husband being pleased with her will enter Jannah ."
*How simple Islam has made matters for the believing women that for them paradise can be acquired by minimal effort.

Hazrat Abu Darda (R.A.) said: My beloved master, Rasulullah advised me to spend upon my family according to my means."

Rasulullah said: "The woman that does her domestic chores attains the rank of those upholding Jihaad."

Rasulullah said: "By assisting your wives in their household matters you men receive the reward of sadaqah "
*The religion of Islam has encouraged men to assist their wives by promising them rewards for this service. In this way Islam has secured the comfort of women.

Rasulullah said: "The woman who prays her 5 prayers, fasts in the month of Ramadhan, protects her chastity and is obedient to her husband; such a woman will enter into Jannah from any of the doors she wishes to enter from."
*In other words if she fulfils the basic Islamic duties upon her then without great exertion in ibadah and worship she will attain lofty stages.

Rasulullah said: "The woman that is obedient and subservient to her husband; the birds in the air, fish in the sea, angels in the sky and animals in the jungles seek forgiveness for her"
*After her sins have been forgiven her stages are elevated.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: "0 women! Remember, those who are pious and upright amongst you they will enter Jannah before the pious men. These women will then be bathed, perfumed, and presented to their husbands on red and yellow mounts. They will have such children with them who will resemble scattered pearls."

Rasulullah said: "Allah's mercies decend upon those women who perform their tahajjud salaat and awaken their husbands also to do the same".

Rasulullah said: "The woman that dies in her virginity or during her pregnancy or at the time of birth or thereafter will attain the rank of shahadat ".

Rasulullah said: "Does it not please you that when you conceive from your husband while he is pleased with you then that woman will receive such reward equal to that of a person fasting in the path of Allah and spending the night in worship; then when her labour pain commences the inhabitants of the earth and the sky are unaware of the stores of comfort that are prepared for her; when she delivers and breastfeeds her child then she will be granted a reward for every gulp of milk; and if she had to remain awake during the night for the sake of her child she will receive the reward of emancipating seventy slaves in the path of Allah. O Salamat! do you know who these women are? They are pious, upright, delicately natured but yet are obedient to their husbands and not ungrateful to them."

Rasulullah said: "When a woman spends from her husbands wealth in Allah's path, without destroying his property then she is also rewarded for spending from his wealth. The husband is also, rewarded, for earning the wealth and the treasurer also receives rewards. None of their rewards are decreased."

Rasulullah said: "0 women! Your jihaad is haj."

Rasulullah said: "Women do not have to perform the jihaad, the Juma prayers or the janaza salaat."

Rasulullah said: "Allah is pleased with those women who love and have affection for their husbands and protect themselves from other men."
*It means that they are not ashamed of pleasing and showing their love for their husbands as is the habit of proud women. Allah's pleasure is a great treasure.

Rasulullah said: "Women are part of men."

Rasulullah said: "Accept my goodly advice with regard to women because they have been created from a rib."
*It means that perfection and rectitude should not be sought of them as it is not within their nature; thus men should patiently overlook their faults and shortcomings.

Rasulullah said: "The best of women is one that pleases her husband when he glances at her; obeys him when he commands her and does not oppose him and displease him in matters regarding her body and wealth."

Rasulullah prayed "May Allah's mercy be upon those women who don the izaar (trouser)"
*In other words they take extra precautions in concealing their bodies and maintaining their purdah.

Rasulullah said: "The evil of an evil woman surpasses the evil of a thousand wicked men and the virtue of a virtuous woman surpasses the worship of seventy Awliya (pious servants of Allah)".

Rasulullah said: "The best amongst your wives are those that are most chaste and pure and greatly love their husbands"
*Loving one's husband is pleasing to the nafs yet it has been made an act of reward and virtue.

One person said to Rasulullah "When I enter my home my wife says to me 'Welcome O my sardar (master) and the master of my house!' and when I am grieved over anything she consoles me by saying 'Why be grieved over a wordly matter; your hereafter is being made. Rasulullah said: "Inform this woman that she is amongst those who are doing the work of Allah and she receives half the reward of those doing jihaad."
*Such great rewards merely on welcoming the husband home and consoling him on his troubles.

Asma bint Yazeed (R.A.) once came to Rasulullah as an ambassador of the ladies and said "Men have surpassed us in rewards through juma, congregational prayers, visiting the ill, participating in funeral prayers and protecting the borders of the Islamic State." Rasulullah sent her with the message "Your adorning and beautifying yourselves for your husbands and your strivings to please your husbands and your obedience to the wishes of your husbands equals these actions (juma, jihaad etc.) in rewards."

Rasulullah said: "A woman, from her pregnancy to the time of weaning her child is like one protecting the boundaries of the Islamic State; and if she expires during this period she attains the reward of martyrdom."

Rasulullah said: "When the woman breastfeeds then on every gulp of milk she receives the reward as though she has granted life to a being and when she weans her child then the angels pat her on her back saying "Congratulations! all your past sins have been forgiven; now start all over again."
*By sins is intented the minor sins; this is also a great reward

Hadrat Aisha (R.A.) reports that "The woman whose husband is absent and in this state she protects her chastity, leaving all forms of beautification and adornment, remaining within her home and remaining steadfast on namaaz; she will be resurrected on the day of Qiyamah as a Virgin girl. If her husband was a mu'min (believer) then she will remain his wife in jannah; and if he happens to be a disbeliever then she will be married to a martyr."

Hadrat Ali (R.A.) said: "Man cannot become the leader of his house unless he is not concerned about what he wears and how he appeases his hunger."
*These who are only concerned about their own needs in food and dressing and neglect their families should take heed from this.

Hakim bin Mua'wiya (R.A.) enquired from Rasulullah regarding the rights of women over their husbands? Rasulullah said: "When you eat, feed her and when you dress, dress her; do not smite her across the face and do not boycott her but within the house."
*Do not leave her alone in the house in the state of anger and disappear.

Rasulullah said: "The mu'min husband should not despise his mu'min wife because if there is any quality he dislikes in her he will certainly be pleased another."

Rasulullah said: "The woman whose three children die and she patiently bears this tragedy, in the hope of reward, will be granted jannah. One woman enquired what the reward of two children was? He replied "The same reward."

One Sahabi (R.A.) enquired about the reward of one child? He replied "This also carries tremendous rewards."

Rasulullah said: "Even the miscarried fetus will drag it's mother towards jannah if she exercised patience with the hope of acquiring rewards."

Rasulullah said: "The best of wealth is a righteous woman who pleases her husband when he sees her; she obeys whenever he commands her and when her husband is absent she protects her chastity and respect."

When Rasulullah used to be in privacy with his wives he would be extremely kind and obliging and would smile and remain pleased with all.

Rasulullah said: "0 Man! there is reward for you even in having sexual relations with your wife.

On the occasion of the journey of the farewell Hajj the womenfolk were mounted on camels that were being driven fast, upon which Rasulullah prevented this saying "They (women) are (comparable to) glass (in fragility). Steer (their camels) slowly."


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