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Modest clothing is required for Brothers just like it's required for Sisters!

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh!

Insha Allah this finds you in the best of health and Iman.
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Okay, this is a topic that sometimes bothers me when I see it not being followed by Brothers.  Too often I see the Sister wearing Hijab and Jilbab, completely covered like how she is supposed to be................and then on her arm or at her side is her husband who is wearing tight clothing with the shirt tucked into his jeans that shows his body.  I have even seen Brothers wearing really short shorts that show their thighs!  Just as Sisters are not allowed to show our shape to the general public or to non-mahrams, the Brothers are supposed to follow this as well.  Now, I am not saying that all Brothers dress like this.  Alhamdulillah, I have seen many Brothers in thobes, Brothers wearing jeans but with a long shirt over them, etc.   Sister's if your mahrams are not covering like how they are supposed to, please encourage them to do so.  This will benefit them as well as you Insha Allah.

This is not Hijab because the navel area is showing:

This is not Hijab because the jeans are too tight showing all shape:

This is not Hijab because the thighs are showing:

Reported Muhammad Jahsh, "The Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, passed by Ma'mar while his thighs were uncovered. He said, to him, 'O Ma'mar, cover your thighs, for they are (part of the) 'aurah." This is related by Ahmad, al-Hakim and al-Bukhari in Tareekh and in mu'allaq form in his Sahih.

Reported Jurhad, "The Messenger of Allah passed by me when the cloak I was wearing did not cover my thigh. He said, 'Cover your thigh, for it (is part of the) 'aurah." This is related by Ahmad, Abu Dawud and at-Tirmidhi, who called it hassan, and by al-Bukhari in mu'allaq form in the Sahih

This is a really good article titled:
"The Fiqh of Covering One's Nakedness (awrah): a Detailed Explanation"

This is a Question & Answer from Sheik Muhammad S. Al-Munajjid

Men's 'awrah and wearing pants with shirt tucked in
Is it permissible for a Muslim man to wear his shirt tucked in his pants, showing the shape of his legs, buttocks, etc., especially in some countries where women are not ashamed to look at them? And when they perform prayer, shouldn't they be wearing a long shirt covering their private parts while they prostrate?

Praise be to Allah.
The `awrah (private parts to be necessarily covered) for men includes what is between the navel and the knees as stated by the Prophet SAWS (peace be upon him), so covering it is obligatory according to Islamic law. Wearing shorts that disclose the thighs or show the shape of the buttocks, does not cover the `awrah. Neither does a dress that is transparent and displays skin complexion, nor a tight dress that shows the size, shape or bends of the `awrah. All of this is prohibited (haraam) in front of people whether the women are ashamed of looking at it or not (as asked in the question). If the trousers (or pants) are wide enough and not tight, then one may tuck his shirt in it as long as it does not display his `awrah. Covering the `awrah is obligatory during the prayer and outside it. What many people do is cover their `awrah while going to prayer but are negligent of it outside the prayer. This is a clear mistake and a wrong act which happens due to lack of understanding or as a result of a misunderstanding of the matter.

The Sister's awrah is from head to toe.  
The Brother's awrah is from his navel to his knees.

Now Sisters, it's your turn!  I have seen many sisters wearing the head scarf (hijab) wrong.  I have seen sisters draping them in a way that the entire front of the neck is shown, the ears are showing, some even wear them like a headband, some wear the hijab very loosely showing lots of hair in the front.  Below are pictures of what I am talking about.  Some even wear tight jeans with short shirts that barely cover anything and show all the shape.  Some sisters wear short sleeved shirt and a head scarf.  Some sisters wear short length dresses that show the lower leg.  Many sisters are wearing the trendy "Maxi Dresses" with a long sleeve shirt underneath.  Granted the Maxi Dress is long enough but it hugs the breast area accentuating the chest area!  This is wrong.  Honestly, what is the point of even wearing a head scarf if you are going to dress like this?!  YOU CAN BE STILL BE FASHIONABLE WHILE DRESSING APPROPRIATELY!


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