Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hijab/Khimar Swap

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh! I hope this finds you close to Allah & in the best of health and Iman.

I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago the Womens' Committee had a hijab swap, suggested & organized by myself.  We were all sitting around trying to come up with ideas for social events at the masjid.  I suggested the Hijab/Khimar swap as I know others have done the same thing with purses, shoes, hats, etc.

We sent out emails to the sisters in the community & posted flyers at the masjid.  The sisters were to also bring a snack to share (either bought at the store or made at home).  Sisters were to bring hijabs/khimars that they no longer wanted or no longer wore in exchange for something they would wear.  We told the sisters to make sure to wash the hijabs/khimars and make sure they were free of stains, rips, tears, holes, etc.

As sisters came into the room, I asked them how many khimars they brought.  I would write their number on a ticket along with the # of khimars they brought.  Sisters would choose new headscarves in the order they arrived for the social event.  As I was doing that, a couple of volunteers would take the khimars and neatly fold then and place on a table by category (rectangle/shaylas, squares, pullover/Al-Amirah).

After we had enough khimars on the table, I called "Sister #1".  She would come up to the table, give me her ticket and choose hijabs according how many she brought.  Then she would sit down, then Sister #2 would come up, then so on.  After all the sisters who brought hijabs got to choose hijabs, the remaining hijabs were given away to sisters that just came for the social time & some were donated to the masjid for those sisters who come without khimars.

With the language barrier, I think next time we will just do a sign-up sheet on a clipboard.  I will take the names and write down how many khimars they brought on the paper, instead of doing tickets.

All in all, the first Hijab Swap for our masjid, turned out okay.  8 sisters brought khimars to swap.  Insha Allah as more sisters understand the concept and know about it, more sisters will participate and bring scarves to swap.  The masjid would like to do this type of event maybe 2-3 times a year Insha Allah.

Have any of yall done any type of swap like this at yall's masjid?  You can do it for Jilbabs/Abayas as well.  This type of event is great for those on a budget or no budget at all but want something new to wear.

I personally wanted a black shayla & a brown shayla.  I brought home a brown shayla that was way smaller than what I am used to, tried it on in front of the mirror and realized I didn't like it.  When I was there, I did find a solid grey square and solid grey pullover.  The pullover one is really long, comes down to my knees and I thought it would be great as a prayer garment over my dresses, so that is what I use and really like it!  I never imagined myself wearing the color grey.  But Alhamdulillah, with my pasty white skin and blue eyes, I've been told grey looks great on me!

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