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The Value of Women & their Position before the time of Prophethood

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh! I hope this finds you close to Allah & in the best of health and Iman.

The Value of Women and their Position before the time of Prophethood

Umm Musa. She realized the value of women and their position before the time
of Prophet-Hood. She praised Islâm for glorifying and exalting her, and she
thanked its first call for being concerned with her and for its guidance.
She did not leave men to do things by themselves without her. Just as she
followed the new religion in all stages in faith and punishment in its path,
and migrated to it and called to it by tongue and by the sword by herself
and along with her family members, husband, son and family. So as to
safeguard the din and show enthusiasm for it and she dedicated her night and
day to it along with her travel, her presence, her residency and her Hijra
(migration), as a virgin, as a wife and as a mother.

She was dutiful and at times surpassed men, as the first of the believers
was a woman and the first martyr in the path of Allâh was a woman and
likewise she was dutiful in spreading the din and preserving it, accepting
it and conveying it. It is known that some women were those who reported
thousands and hundreds and tens of ahadith of the master of the Messengers.
Her condition progressed and the Muslim woman increased in self-trust,
mighty status and happiness with Islâm. From women were to be found
admonishers, scholars, jurists and Hadith specialists throughout the
different times and epochs, in all areas and regions. She found herself
after loss and ruin and from going from condition to condition, from a
condition wherein she was a despised thing within the family and society
during her childhood and her youth with no rights, no respect and no care
for her opinions and presence.

Men enslaved her submissiveness and if she was asked she would not answer
and if she was needed to gather firewood, fetch water, pick-up the
date-kernels for the camels and feed the dogs she had to do it if she quiet.
She was a garment for the thirst of desires in aversion and distrust as from
the day of her entry into the world faces would be grieved and souls would
be perplexed and disturbed as to what to do with her, should the father keep
the baby girl or bury her alive in the ground? Her glad-tidings were thus
indignation, anger and to be buried alive into the earth, yet intelligence
was her distinctive character throughout the length of her time with the
light of the heavens and guidance of the Prophets. Men with their idolatrous
actions and upbring of soothsaying tried to conceal her delightful origins
and yet her body, shining and glowing and not fearing or turning away.

Reference: “The Noble Women Scholars of Hadith” pg: 83-84

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